Seminary Moments

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Oil in our lamps

At a recent in-service meeting, we were told to start off on the first day with a lesson. There is nothing more boring than having papers handed out and the teacher droning on an on about the new year.

So...we learned the Parable of the 10 virgins and what that means to us in modern times.
 Then we made our own lamps...

 I took them home and baked them in the oven until they were hard
I love how they are all different, just like each one of my students!

Welcome Back!! 2014

I love when teachers share their classroom. I copied this wonderful timeline from a fellow teacher, Linette Tearlink. Her time line is soooo much better. She is a wonderful artist.

Since I can not draw, I printed off coloring pages I found online.
it starts out with the Primitive Church/12 Apostles...

Ending with a hastening of the work...the sneaker
to small temples announced
to the lower of the age for missionaries.

 We have been told to display pictures of the modern day prophets
 Our ward library is mission Ezra Taft Benson!! The librarian told me recently that she put in an order for a complete.set of prophet pictures.  In the mean time, we sing the primary song: Latter-Day Prophets as we point to each one.  I was amazed that only one had heard the song before, and that was my daughter.
Pinterest is a great resource. This idea is floating out there. It was originally used by school teachers and called "What stuck with you"
The idea being, at the end of class, the students write one thing they learned that day and put it on a post it note and apply it to the board.

Our theme this year is taken from Joseph Smith History 1:20
"I have learned for myself...."

At the end of class, I will have them write one thing they learned that day and put it on the picture frame. The next day, our class president will take them down and give them to each student. The students will put them in their class journals. At the end of the year, they can look back and see their testimonies have grown!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Good Bye...

I am sad to see our three seniors go, two are heading off on missions, the third to college. Bittersweet day for me as a teacher, as I have grown to LOVE them as my own. I feel very protective of them. I am so grateful to spend every morning with them. Not everyone is as lucky as a seminary teacher. WE are truly blessed to be surrounded by the great youth of the church!!
As a gift from the class, I am holding our new class mascot

Moroni 8.....BINGO

Moroni 8.....played bingo

 This is a fun activity. I give a clue, they look up the scripture

 for the answer, then look on their Bingo card for the word. If 

they have it, they mark it off. We keep playing until everyone

 has a Bingo, that way they get through the entire chapter.

 They were excited to have a different way to go through the scripture block

I don't have a file I can send you, I did a search online for free Bingo Board. 
After reading through Moroni 8, I picked out different things I wanted them to learn. 
I wrote out questions. 
Then gave them the scripture reference, once they found it, they read the scripture searching for the answer.
If they think they had the correct answer, they then looked on their Bingo card for the word. If they found it, they could mark the word off on their Bingo card.

End of year breakfast 2014

This year I put the class in charge of the end of the year breakfast...
here is a look at the invitation one of the students put together for the incoming Freshmen....

Moroni's Challenges

What do you know about Moroni?
What were some of the difficulties he faced?
We tried to put ourselves in his shoes and got a sense of what he was up against.

Watch this you tube video called:
Moroni Buries the Plates

Ether 13-15 Repent

Ether 13-15: after reading through these chapters, we charted how 2 million people killed each other off until only 2 remained. Then Coriantumer slays Shiz , this is an example of when people reject God's repeated invitations to repent.