Seminary Moments

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Alma 33-34

We had "mini lessons", where the class had the opportunity to teach the lesson.

 We may be few in numbers, BUT they ALWAYS give wonderful thoughts!!

Alma 32 Seeds of Faith

What verse in Alma 32 has the word SEED in it?

 Since we talked about faith ...
 I thought we should do an activity I did years ago when teaching Primary...
 After all, kids are kids, and they like to eat!

 We made "Dirt Cups".
Hint: verse 28
S  well
E  nlarge
E  nlighten
D  elicious

Alma 31 Rameumpton

What scene from the Book of Mormon do you think this about?

 We studied how the Zoramites Prayed....
 Then talked about what a Righteous Prayer is like...

Winter 2014

Snow days have been plentiful here.
 I often wonder when winter will be over
These icicles hanging from our church building were amazing to look at so early in the morning.

Alma 25-26

Much like visiting a foreign land brings challenges, incorporating Christ's teachings in lives of new converts can be just as foreign.

After reading Alma 15-16. We worked on "Spiritual Brochures"
These brochures could help give some more information that might give a new convert some comfort.

Front Flap: Title with picture. 
Inside Left flap: individuals in the reading and pictures
Middle: Map
Right Flap: Historical background
Right Flap Outside back: Favorite verse and picture
Middle back: Testimony

Alma 14

Had the class read Alma 14
Then handed out a Scripture Mastery card to each one of them.
They had to read the scripture, then tell us how it applies to what we learned in Alma 14.
Every one of them managed to tie their scripture in with the lesson.

It was an awesome moment to hear what they each shared.
I would recommend you try it.

Alma 8 Angels

Read Alma 8: 14-17

Passed out angels and had them write on the angels comforting messages the angel said to Alma.